Back in September at the San Sebastian Film Festival Oliver Stone, the famous film director presented a biopic on Edward Snowden, the CIA and NSA analyst who blew the whistle on the largest international espionage program carried out by the two US agencies. The movie portrays a personality that is clearly not a traitor but a brave man committed to truth and honesty and a strong foe of all attacks against privacy implied in the programs he denounced. This is the story of a young man of high moral values who is deeply committed to preserving a free society in which the American people and the rest of the world can uphold the right to privacy.


Just a few weeks ago the Saint Sebastian Film Festival showed the Oliver Stone movie about you. The film takes us through the process of your awakening. But, unlike other well-meaning “awakened” fellows, not only did you talk the talk but actually walked the walk and crossed the metaphorical Rubicon, taking the risk of facing the ides of March. So the film is far more than a story about an awakening of your conscience, because you actually put your life on the line when you blew the whistle against your own country.

The movie also shows your colleagues, people who obey orders, knowing full well what sinful results those orders will entail. They abide by the ideological framework in which they operate, a structure marked by “creative chaos”, two poisonous words born of salesmen skills and now rented out to the governments of the so-called “West”, but that really only mean destruction of the social fabric of countries and harassment of Russia.

The silence of these people is both deafening and familiar and it literally sounds like the silence of the lambs brought to the slaughter. But silence in the face of infamy is just as destructive as the communication tricks that shamefully sell that infamy.

Both protean and ubiquitous, the instigators of “creative chaos” slouch their way in stages across the globe:

They staged coups against the legitimate presidents of Honduras, Paraguay and Brazil. They are bent on the destabilization of Bolivia and Venezuela.

With the Nazi takeover of the Ukraine and the pogrom of Russians in Odessa they have tattooed the swastika on their souls.

They ran with Jihadis and opened the gates of Hell in Libya.

The heroic Syrian nation and its courageous armed forces have not come apart; but it took the intervention of Russia so that, this country of ancient civilization can, Inshallah, finally defeat an invasion of cutthroat mercenaries and a Quisling-style cabal of infamous traitors.

It is not the first time that Russia, the country that gives you safe haven saves civilization and defends the sovereignty of nations and that Damascus sends unambiguous symbolic messages…

We know who destroyed the Nazi war-machine, no matter what they say, they, those sad puppets in the hands of spastic puppeteers who mark our times of autistic and selective memory.

Furthermore, history tells us that one Zar Alexander reestablished the sovereignty of the national crowns of much of Europe after defeating Napoleonic imperialism. Lest we forget: there would have been no Waterloo without the Russians turning the French army in the shadow of what it was. As they say, the word Berezina in colloquial French is an euphemism for “catastrophe”.

The Holy texts state that on his way to Damascus, one Saul of Tarsus saw the light, heard the message and changed his life and his name. Ted, you are the finest example of a modern man who walks in the footsteps of Saint Paul.

A fine Spanish poet once said that “se hace camino al andar”. Now poetry in translation is always choppy but the message should be clear: you make your path as you go. Your example, Ted, helps us go on searching the symbolic road to Damascus, which will no doubts bring us in sync with Russia.

Now and forever, honour and glory is all yours Edward Snowden.

Brotherly and comradely, ROBERT.

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